ATI Candidate Screening Package™

Select the right candidate, every time with the ATI Candidate Screening Package.

ATI Candidate Screening Package™

Candidate screening reduces risk and helps you streamline the process of identifying the right nurses to place. The ATI Candidate Screening Package was designed to objectively screen applicants for nursing competence.

Determine a candidate’s nursing knowledge and compare to other candidates with assessment of comprehension and mastery of basic nursing principles. The included ATI assessments measure a candidate’s proficiency in ten nursing content areas including fundamentals of nursing; pharmacology; adult medical-surgical nursing; maternal newborn care; mental health nursing; nursing care of children; nutrition; leadership and community health nursing.

Assessments include questions from client need categories (management of care, safety and infection control, health promotion and maintenance, psychosocial integrity, basic care and comfort, pharmacological therapies and parenteral therapies, reduction of risk potential and physiological adaptation).

Recruiters are able to identify which candidates comprehend specific nursing content and which are at a “risky” level of knowledge per content area.

Package includes two online assessments for candidate practice and one proctored assessment for recruiters to use with screening.