NCLEX Prepared + Highly Trained

For internationally educated nurses transitioning to U.S. healthcare practices, ATI’s solutions help close the practice gap, reduce on-boarding costs, increase ability to provide safe and skilled nursing, and ensure nurses pass the U.S. NCLEX.

Ready for Practice

Ensure internationally trained nurses are ready for practice with the critical thinking, clinical reasoning, leadership and professional communication skills needed to be successful as well as help close the practice gap and reduce your on-boarding costs.

Passing the NCLEX

Prepare internationally trained nurses for NCLEX success with a comprehensive review and assessment of all essential NCLEX content, test-taking lessons and relevant practice with NCLEX-style questions to increase confidence and prepare them for the experience of taking the real NCLEX.

Candidate Screening

Candidate screening reduces risk and helps you streamline the process of identifying the right nurses to place. The ATI Candidate Screening Package was designed to objectively screen applicants for nursing competence.

Case Study

With Patient Safety at Risk, Global Program Must Solve Expansion Struggle
Experts predict an extreme nursing shortage is coming. It’s an issue of critical concern for patient safety. So how does a nursing program expand to face this need and still maintain — even exceed — its current expectations of quality? Especially when its nurses — part of an international transition-to-practice program — must move thousands of miles from home and enter a vastly different culture for their new jobs?

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